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1. His experience as an actor led to the creation of some of the most intense character studies in theater at the time, plays that require great effort and skill on the actor's part.

2. The notice of real estate registration system is a sort of creditor`s right with intense character of property right, and the system of China features its administrative property.

3. Willfulness is a very intense character, but common sense should be a character, I hope I know a friend is a reasonable person, a good heart and a sincere heart!

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4. I don't want Ichigo and Rukia to confess their love and run off into the sunset, namely because it's out of character and their intense connection, their relationship of mutual understanding and support is what I love so much about them, I don't see the need to throw romance into the mix.

5. He's transfixed. Tom Hanks holds back his blinks to communicate the idea that his character is THAT intense about what he's realizing.
Tom Hanks憋着不眨眼来传递信息,他的角色是如此的激动于他所意识到的事情。

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6. This is in direct and striking contrast to his father, master fireworks maker Simeon Runciman, who is portrayed as a brooding, dark and intense character with a mysterious past.

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7. Regard reform as the Cenozoic Era, these singletons female main body consciousness is more intense, individual character color is brighter

8. Our ContactForm consists of three fields: a topic, which is a choice among three options; a message, which is a character field; and a sender, which is an email field and is optional (because even anonymous feedback can be useful).
我们的 ContactForm 包含三个字段:一个topic,它是一个三选一的选择框;一个message,它是一个文本域;还有一个sender,它是一个可选的email域(因为即使是匿名反馈也是有用的)。

9. This article on the privacy of minors to carry out a series of issues to explore, the main character from the right to privacy, privacy of the object, the provisions of relevant laws of China and the practical significance of minors to clarify the reasons for privacy.

10. He was finding his own path to character.

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11. SEM was used to observe its surface structure, while IR spectrum indicated that the polymer membrane has COOH and NH3+ functional groups and displays character of the amphoteric ion.

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12. If someone crossed your character's path, what would your character do?

13. Our economic system reform possesses gradually the character of path dependence.

14. No other character is acceptable as a path separator.

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15. From the music origins, beauty's character, the path of pursuing beauty, music...

16. Reasonable planning, step by step forward, the evolving character of the green path of development

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17. Novels People often stay in a different environment, through their different experiences, in his capacity as to the performance of their different character and different path of resistance.

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18. It is necessary to attend particularly to the character of the person called familiae emptor.

19. A new explanation for these observations is provided in terms of the hydro philic-lipophilic character of the admixtured surfactant other than LH.

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20. The system designed in the thesis has far-ranging application, good expandability and the character of opening.

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